Volunteers are needed in North Norfolk!

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We want to let people know about the positive impact of volunteering, not only on the people who are helped, but also on those who volunteer.  Volunteers can feel good, meet new people, build skills and work experience, feel connected, help in a way that works for them – and often make someone’s day.

Ideas for Volunteering in North Norfolk include:

  • helping support people who may be lonely or isolated to find and get involved in activities in their community through CAN Connect.    This might include giving advice, coaching, getting people involved in local activities, or just taking people out for a coffee and chat.
  • ​helping people who need practical help or befriending support in the local area through Good Neighbour Schemes – joining an existing scheme or, if you don’t have one in your area, be part of setting up a new scheme. Thei idea is to help by taking a neighbour’s dog for a walk, popping in for a tea and chat, giving a lift to a hospital appointment, taking them to do a weekly shop or mowing a lawn - or even just changing a light bulb!                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Contact North Norfolk Volunteer Hub at Merchant’s Place on 01263 519454 or email [email protected] for a chat to see what volunteering options would work for you.

    What CAN Connect users had to say:

    “It makes an important difference to me, having someone come to visit and being able to have a chat”

    “I feel happy when (she) comes and feel better when we’ve had our hour together each week” 

    “Isolation is a real and increasing problem…thank you for being there”

    “Having this service has been a real life-line for me.  It gives me something to get up, wash and dress for”

    “My confidence out of my house is building and with support I hope to be able to engage in voluntary work”

    What Good Neighbour Scheme volunteers had to say:

    “I love helping people – I do gardening and some painting, also simple things like changing a lightbulb, adjusting clocks or setting up phones for people.  Volunteering has also helped me as it reduces my stress and that has helped my epilepsy.”

    “I want to say how much volunteering has helped my confidence and self-respect, improving all aspects of my life.  It is such a positive thing I think it also makes me feel healthier.”

    “I’ve fallen in love with volunteering – it’s become a life changing event – doing something for someone else is the most wonderful thing.”

    What Good Neighbour Scheme users had to say:

    “The GNS has been like a Guardian Angel”

    “Whenever I’ve needed help, they have been fantastic”

    “A great help, so kind”

    “We could not be more elated that there are such kind people about”

    “They made me feel comfortable, we found a common interest and I felt I’d known them a long time”

    “Brilliant – so kind, patient and helpful, much appreciated”

    “Most professional and kindly help in an emergency”

    “Very pleased with the service, very helpful, efficient and reliable”