UK Cervical Cancer launch Norfolk project with resources for local groups

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Community Action Norfolk are sharing this from UK Cervical Cancer, please contact them with any queries.

On Tuesday 17th November 2020, for the first time ever, the World Health Organization has committed to eliminating a cancer by launching its Global Strategy to Elininate Cervical Cancer and I am asking you to be part of this Historic Lifesaving Effort. If you would like to see this Launch, there is a link to it on our Website.

Dear Community,
My name is Melvyn Hill and I am the CEO of UK Cervical Cancer, a local charity which is committed to preventing suffering and death from cervical cancer, by any person, anywhere and in particular those who are disadvantaged and deprived. Our major challenge is raising awareness of the effects of cervical cancer and  what can be done to prevent it and we are  starting a special project in Norfolk where there are over 52 cases of cervical cancer and roughly 16 deaths a year, which could be prevented. We are launching our “Norfolk Project”, in conjunction with the National Lottery fund to raise awareness of the disease. Our aim is to:

  • Encourage as many women as possible to receive regular cervical screening - prior to Covid-19 around 25% of women in Norfolk have missed their screening appointment,
  • Educate schoolchildren and those responsible for them on the importance of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination to reduce the risk of cervical cancer - around 15% of children in Norfolk have not completed the full vaccination course and
  • In particular, we want to access deprived and vulnerable groups of individuals who are at a greater risk of developing the disease, e.g. refugees, lower socio-economic groups and individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

We are well aware of the fact that in Norfolk, the majority of women have been screened along with the majority of years 8 and 9 children being vaccinated so our objective is to get everyone screened or vaccinated or reminded that this should take place at the appropriate time.

We wish to work in partnership with you in the support of our work with other organisations such as GPs, Schools, Religious and other Community Organisations  to spread awareness of the challenges associated with cervical cancer as this is even more important in the light of Covid-19, which as you are well aware has resulted in delays to screenings and vaccinations. We have prepared the material listed below for use in this project, including circulation to your staff, your associates and anyone else who may benefit from it, some of it is also available on our website in foreign languages.

The material attached to this email summarises our objectives and much of the content is also available on our website

  1. For your information, a basic PDF Presentation about us and what we are doing
  2. A second PDF Presentation about cervical cancer for use in schools which we believe would be a useful message to members of the community. 
  3. A single PDF Information Pack flyer about
  • Cervical cancer and HPV,
  • Screening and vaccination and
  • UK Cervical Cancer’s “comfort checklist”.

This document is also available as single sheets which can be used as flyers or posters, if you would like any of them. we would be very happy to send them to you.

It is also available on our website for translation and can be opened via the following link - https://ukcervicalcancer.org.uk/information-pack/
We know that you are busy dealing with the many challenges associated with Covid-19, but we really need your support in accessing deprived and vulnerable individuals and would appreciate any help that you can give. We understand that Covid-19 is a national priority at the moment, but we don’t want preventable diseases such as cervical cancer to become unpreventable during this period and therefore, hope you will act now!

Thank you for your time.