ThinkingFuel: buying heating oil collectively and combating fuel poverty

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At CAN we believe in fair outcomes for all Norfolk residents and we support services that meet the economic, health, and social needs of individuals in their communities.

The price of oil – and helping the community

Many areas of rural Norfolk are off-gas. Heating oil is not price-regulated like electricity and gas, so consumers are subject to the vagaries of market pricing.  ThinkingFuel, our collective heating oil buying scheme, has long supplied low-priced heating oil to thousands of Norfolk households who know and trust that we are able to negotiate competitively and consistently low supply prices.  

People who buy oil from us also know that they are helping CAN support community development and local projects across the county.

Our request

We are asking for your help in raising awareness of ThinkingFuel through your engagement with vulnerable clients and service users. We would be grateful if you could include an article in your organisation’s newsletter or magazine, and / or display posters in your premises or the venues where you deliver your services. 

If you work with a VCSE organisation, community or village hall, local voluntary group or Good Neighbour Scheme, or as an individual, you may see a need locally – perhaps a client or service user, or perhaps your own venue or building. We supply oil to business and community premises as well as households., and we can also supply LPG and bottled gas. If you are a charity you can of course complete a declaration to claim reduced VAT at 5%. 

You can find  a downloadable article for use or adaptation and a printable poster here.  We can also send you a supply of A5 leaflets.  Contact [email protected] or call 01362 545027

The impact of Covid-19 and the benefits of ThinkingFuel

We know that many consumers worry about the unpredictability and uncertainty of heating oil prices. The impact of Covid-19 is likely to heighten the risk of fuel poverty for many this coming winter, with additional financial worries and stay-at-home heating use.

Comparing prices for oil is very difficult for the consumer because of fluctuations in price between quantities ordered, locations and delivery times. Our expert professional buyers negotiate considerable discounts with national suppliers. The big plus for ThinkingFuel members is that, because they are all are buying from the same supplier, they get a very competitive price.

All ThinkingFuel members pay the same price per litre whether they order 500 or 5,000 litres. There are also regular payment options to spread the cost and help with personal budget planning.

To reiterate, it’s part of our wider strategy of supporting households and communities in addressing the issue of fuel poverty in Norfolk. ThinkingFuel is long-established and trusted. It offers choice, and our members also know that in buying oil from ThinkingFuel, they are helping CAN support community development and local projects across the county.

You can register as an individual or organisation through the link here or if you’d like to talk to one of our team about ThinkingFuel please phone 01362 698216 or email [email protected]