#thankyouVCSE – Celebrating our sector

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It’s now been twelve months since the pandemic hit.  As people needed more help and support the local voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector responded rapidly and in diverse ways.  Overnight the creation of hundreds of community responses alongside huge efforts by established organisations to adapt what they do to meet the changing needs of their community. People innovated, people coordinated, but most of all people went above and beyond to help.

This covers a vast range of activity but as examples we estimate:  

  • Mutual Aid and Good Neighbour Schemes have responded to over 97,000 requests.
  • Across Norfolk, Food Banks have provided over 35,000 in emergency food parcels in the last year – they are only one part of the VCSE effort to make sure no-one goes without.
  • High quality advice provision from local charities to over 48,000 people – getting help with managing debt, navigate the benefits system or cope with being newly unemployed.
  • Norfolk’s Cultural Network has distributed over 21,000 creativity packs to children and families living in digital poverty.

The sector employs an estimated 16,000 people provide advice, care and support to some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. Over 4,000 volunteers stepped forward as part of the local covid support effort joining the many thousands already delivering essential support in our communities.

We want to say thank you to those involved. You can help

  • If you are a VCSE organisation read this and get involved.
  • From the week commencing the 15th March and continuing for a month we will be trying to highlight the amazing work the sector does and thanking those involved.
  • We will be using the hashtag #thankyouVCSE - if you are on social media please retweet items and look out for posts on Facebook referencing this, it will help us get the message out.
  • Why not share how the VCSE sector has helped you?  Do you have a personal story or maybe you work closely with an organisation – share why you are thankful for them and the impact of the work they do. Not just on social media but however you can.
  • Let others know – often VCSE support can fly under the radar but it makes such a huge difference to peoples lives


Want to know more about the VCSE sector? Norfolk's Covid-19 Story and case studies from Norfolk VCSE Organisations can be found by clicking here.