Resource: Family Support Fund for families with children under 5 years old

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Community Action Norfolk are sharing this from Integrated Commissioning - Children's Services.  Please contact them directly with any queries.

The Family Support Fund

The Family Support fund is to provide financial support to families with children aged under 5 years that are in receipt of tier 2 or above family support from the Early Childhood & Family Service or other statutory or voluntary services.  The funding can be used for the following:

  • Specialist interventions based on identified needs of a family - to improve outcomes for child development, improve social mobility and to reduce risk of neglect or emotional harm.
  • Additional equipment and resources for a family as part of a 1:1 or group intervention - to improve outcomes for children safety, wellbeing and development and to reduce risk of neglect or harm.
  • Transport costs for travel to targeted activities matched to family’s need - to improve child developmental outcomes, reduce neglect and harm and improve social mobility for families where there is poor public transport which prevents a family from accessing early childhood support and activities that have been identified to meet the family need.

The emergency family support fund request form can be used to request financial support for families up to £50 for items that families need urgently to meet the needs of their children aged under 5 years. To access the emergency funding, the family will need to agree to be contacted by the ECFS team to discuss family support in addition to the funding

The Family Support Fund request form can be used to financial support for family for items/services over £50 in addition to the family support the family are already in receipt of.  Requests for up to £250 will be responded to by the ECFS District Manager.  For financial support for item/services over £250, the requests will be reviewed monthly by a multi-agency team and responded to as appropriate.

Please find attached below: 

  • Emergency Support Fund Form
  • Family Support Fund Form
  • Request for Professional Support Form