Norfolk Safeguarding Adult Board July 2022

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Headlines for the Norfolk VCSE Sector from the Norfolk Adult Safeguarding Board

Meeting 12th July 2022

The following notes provide a “headline” of issues discussed at the Board on 12th July for colleagues in the Norfolk VCSE sector by one of the VCSE Sector colleagues, James Kearns, (Chief Executive of The BUILD Charity) who was in attendance as a Board Member. They are not intended to be minutes, which can be found at https://www.norfolksafeguardingadultsboard.info/about-us/what-we-do/meeting-minutes/

Local Safeguarding Adults Partnerships (LSAP)

The May series of meetings for local engagement discussed the subject of “Safeguarding v safety” safeguarding. The July meetings will focus on Adult exploitation.
Membership of the LSAPs is for individuals and organisations working with adults in Norfolk and details are available on each locality from Becky Booth 
Previous and future seminars and workshops can be found at https://www.norfolksafeguardingadultsboard.info/about-us/locality-safeguarding-adult-partnerships/lsap-webinars/

Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board (NSAB) Business Group

This is now Co-Chaired by Partnership Board Manager and Andy Coller (Norfolk Police)
The group are reviewing their terms of reference to ensure they remain focused on the NSAB Strategy and provide a bridge between the Board and sub-groups.

Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SAR) and Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR)

There are 3 active SAR’s that have been commissioned in Norfolk to investigate cases of abuse.
The Board considered a final draft of a SAR where concerns were raised about residents of a private hospital. There are 6 recommendations and 13 learning points within the report which will be published in September 2022.

Outputs from the SAR for Joanna, Jon and Ben (Cawston Park)

A “Coalition for Change” has been developed as a voice for parents and families and those with lived experiences to ensure that all stakeholders have an input into those in long term care. The Coalition is looking for an employed Programme Co-ordinator, which is funded by Norfolk County Council and the Integrated Care Board. This will be launched in September 2022.
A policy that addresses the issues of racism against staff (and volunteers) by people needing care, or those around them has been developed as one of the recommendations in the SAR.