Norfolk RCC

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The idea of setting up a Rural Community Council in Norfolk was first discussed in 1945, but good things can't be hurried. After a few false starts, probably a lot of meetings plus the occasional decision, Norfolk RCC was formally inaugurated on 4th November 1986 at a conference in the Memorial Hall in Dereham.

Originally based in offices in Hingham, by 1988 Norfolk RCC had 39 Voluntary Organisations, 70 Parish Councils and 6 individuals in membership. Throughout its early years Norfolk RCC supported a diverse range of projects; some of these were unique, while others would become the mainstays of our work. These included an early 'Telecottage' in Sheringham (1995), Affordable Housing (various), community shops (we think our earliest is Earsham in 1994), Village halls (various) and at least one Parish quilt (Tuttington, 1991).

2004 saw the move to new offices in Dereham and by 2005 membership stood at 68 Voluntary Organisations, 253 Parish Councils and 17 individuals. By 2014 Norfolk RCC had around 500 members.

Working directly with around one third of all Norfolk parishes each year it had links to over 5,000 individuals, organisations and partners.

On 1st April 2015 Norfolk RCC merged with West Norfolk VCA to become Community Action Norfolk.