Norfolk Older People's Strategic Partnership's New Three Year Strategy

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Community Action Norfolk are sharing this information on behalf of Norfolk Older People's Strategic Partnership, please contact them directly with any queries.

Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership published its new three year strategy.   The Partnership is an independent body set up to hold services to account for their delivery to older people.  Their strategy is available by clicking here.

Its publication comes at a time when there are unprecedented changes in social care and in health services in general. The strategy is intended to enable Norfolk’s significant population of older people to live independently, and live well, for as long as possible despite these challenges.

The strategy was drawn up in response to the key issues of importance to older people, as decided by a working group of older people; representatives of the NHS; Adult Social Services; housing; the voluntary sector, the private sector and  with some political representation.

The strategy fits well with the recently outlined new direction for social care in Norfolk, and Norfolk Older People's Strategic Partnership hope that that it will help enable these changes to be made in a way which is of most benefit to older people.  In the current climate, it will be increasingly important in ensuring that older people have the support they need, and that their needs and aspirations are clearly articulated.