Norfolk County Council's response to latest government COVID-19 measures

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In light of the resurgence of the pandemic and the government’s newly introduced three-tier measures, Norfolk County Council leaders are planning ahead for an uncertain winter.  County councillors have endorsed the importance of working with partner agencies, and you can read more about the pivotal role played by VCSE organisations  at our Norfolk VCSE Covid-19 Story page and CAN’s Good Neighbour Network.   

Planning ahead 

Council leader Councillor Andrew Proctor said: “I welcome the clarity provided by the Government, through its new tiered levels of localised measures, linked to local case levels. I also welcome the economic support that is being made available to areas that face the strictest measures. What we want to see is an opportunity to have more local involvement in the decision making, as it’s local councils that know their areas best. Norfolk County Council has set up its own local tracing service and this has already worked well. Norfolk’s people and communities have been working hard together to stop the spread of Covid and we need that to continue. Partnership working has been excellent, as shown by the effective response to cases at Banham Poultry and in Great Yarmouth.” 

Infection rates and personal responsibility 

Norfolk’s infection rates are still low compared to the national average, but cases are rising even here, and there is no room for complacency. The County Council and its partners are, therefore, taking prudent measures now to attempt to limit the impact of COVID-19 over the winter. The Council has already stockpiled 1.6 million face masks, 2 million aprons and 700,000 pairs of gloves to help support frontline staff and partner agencies in the coming months. 

Key advice remains as follows: 

  • Keep your distance from others 
  • Follow the rule of six 
  • Keep washing your hands 
  • Cover your face when this is required 
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms and only leave to get a test – this last point is crucial! 


Adult Social Care 

At its next meeting, the County Council’s scrutiny committee is to consider how adult social care will meet anticipated need this, given the undoubted extra demand brought by COVID-19. Vulnerable people and winter planning, children’s services and children’s return to school are also on the agenda. Views, comments and questions from the public are welcomed, in advance. 

Scrutiny committee chair, Councillor Steve Morphew, said: “COVID is still with us and there will be no vaccination against the consequences for Norfolk’s services and economy. There is a shift in public attitudes we can engage with for the public good or ignore in the hope of a return to old ways that we really need to pause and review. Scrutiny will be looking at whether the old priorities have been tested and whether there are new ones or changes we think should be adopted. As ever, I welcome hearing from those with views and evidence they would like to contribute to our deliberations.” 

The deadline for submissions is close. You can submit questions to the committee via [email protected] up until 5pm on Friday, 16 October.