Norfolk County Council's Hate Crime Survey

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As you will be aware Norfolk County Council has a legal responsibility under the Equality Act 2010 to have due regard to eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation, advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations between people.

This responsibility includes taking steps to protect and support people who may of been the victim of a hate or mate incident. You are a very important part of meeting this responsibility and we are currently undertaking some work to look at how organisations are tackling this very important issue. To help us do this we have produced a short survey which will help us understand:

  • How organisations are working to support people who have been the victim of harassment, bullying or hate/mate incidents
  • How confident organisations and their staff are in supporting people during this difficult time and reporting hate or mate incidents
  • What polices and process you have in place for identifying and tackling hate/mate incidents
  • How we can work with you to improve things for the people who have been a victim of hate or mate incidents

We would therefore be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete our survey. This should take no longer than 10 – 15  minutes. The information you supply will be treated as confidential and will help to inform the County Council’s future strategy in tackling hate/mate incidents in all its forms going forward.


Survey link: http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/NCCHateIncidentReporting/

We would be grateful if you could respond by 30 September 2015.

For the purposes of this survey the definitions that apply are:

A Hate Incident is defined as any incident which may or may not be a crime and is perceived by the person or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hatred

It may or may not be a criminal offence
Is perceived by the receiving person or any other person/s as being motivated by prejudice or hate.

A Hate crime is any offence committed against a person or their property motivated by the offender's prejudice or hatred of that particular person or group of people because they are seen as being different. (Only the police can classify a Hate Incident to be a Hate Crime)

A ‘mate crime’ (as defined by the Safety Net Project) is when vulnerable people are befriended by members of the community who go on to exploit and take advantage of them.  ‘Mate’ covers a wide number of people including friends, family and supporters.   Sometimes the exploitation may not be an illegal act but still has a negative effect on the individual.