Mental Health Awareness

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By the time you read this it might have been and gone – and the point is that mental health is, in practice, a year-round issue.

It’s estimated that 74% of people have felt overwhelmed by stress at some point but along with the big changes there are small, seemingly insignificant steps we can all take to increase our good mental health.

Work pressures can get on top of us, and the stress can eventually lead to further mental health problems. Did you know that a year’s worth of lunch breaks equates to almost 6 extra weeks of annual leave? Reclaiming lunch breaks for herself can help increase energy, happiness, and lead to greater job satisfaction.  Exercise has a huge impact on mental health, and regular physical exercise can achieve better mental as well as physical health.

Other research suggests that 79% of us struggle to switch off at bedtime and 60% wake up in the night thinking about work. The knock-on effects include tiredness, reduced productivity, and being snappy and over-emotional.

At mentalhealth-uk.org you can find good advice about how stress can affect us all in different situations – and how we might best deal with it.