Looking for New Year's Resolutions? 52 good things you and your community could do in 2020

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There are loads of community-based activities that you could get involved in throughout 2020. We’re not suggesting you do them all!  But the idea is to involve people in communal, social and supportive activities that reinforce a sense of community, but also engage those who might be isolated or lonely or who might need that little bit extra help to get by.

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start. Finding funds and recruiting helpers isn’t easy; but making ‘community’ a reality can be very rewarding, and for the right reasons.  Check out numbers 51 and 52 for help!  

1.   Join a Good Neighbour Scheme - find out more here 

2.   Start a Good neighbour Scheme - find out how here 

3.   Look after a community orchard

4.   Start a local chicken- or bee-keeping scheme

5.   Arrange fish ‘n’ chip supper socials at the village hall

6.   Set up a community hub

7.   Join an oil-buying collective - visit ThinkingFuel to find out more 

8.   Apply for an Awards For All grant to fund a local activity or facility  

9.    Grow a community allotment or shared garden

10.  Bulk-buy you and your neighbours’ essentials together

11.  Set up a local history club

12.  Round up a guerrilla gardening task force

13.  Start a community E-bay shop

14.  Host a community petting zoo

15.  Organise a ‘Good Life’ event

16.  Carry out an accessibility check in your community

17.  Start a book exchange

18.  Run a monthly lunch club

19.  Set up a community choir or orchestra

20.  Hold a monthly talent-sharing class

21.  Start a community bike repair shed

22.  Begin a local newsletter or website

23.  Make a film about your community

24.  Develop a ‘welcome pack’ or directory

25.  Host a children’s treasure hunt or teddy bears’ picnic

26.  Try a scarecrow-building competition

27.  Start a ramblers’ walking group….

28   .…or a cycling group

29.  Host an ‘open mic’ night at the village hall

30.  Run a film club

31.  Install a defibrillator

32.  Set up a dog-walking club

33.  Start a Silver Surfers computer club

34.  Buy a fitness DVD and start a class

35.  Start a local Facebook page

36.  Set up a Warm and Well scheme

37.  Undertake a community-led plan or survey

38.  Run an Open Gardens event

39.  Organise a Murder Mystery night at the community hall

40.  Start a community car scheme for those without transport

41.  Organise free talks by local experts

42.  Advertise your venue for use by other groups and neighbouring communities

43.  Arrange for your village hall to be licensed….

44.  ....and run a beer festival!

45.  Organise a music or arts festival….

46.  ….or maybe an Antiques Roadshow

47.  Organise a village Bake-Off….

48   ….or a wine-tasting evening!

49.  Open a pop-up restaurant

50.  Invite local press and radio to see what’s happening

51.  Look for professional advice and guidance on organising a project….

52   .…by joining Community Action Norfolk!

[Thanks to Rural Action Yorkshire for the original idea of 52 good things]