Looking for good neighbours in the Stalham area

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Residents of Stalham and the surrounding villages are being encouraged to find out more about how they can be Good Neighbours and make a positive difference to people in their community.  

On Tuesday 26th November, Community Action Norfolk (CAN) - with the support of Stalham Parish Council - will be holding an information event to explain how Good Neighbour Schemes work and how they can bring a community together.  The event will be held at Stalham Academy on Old Yarmouth Road, between 2pm and 4pm with a short presentation at 2.30pm. 

Good Neighbour Schemes are created in a bid to combat loneliness and isolation in communities, and to allow people to be less reliant on statutory services.  Although aimed primarily at helping elderly, disabled, vulnerable and isolated people the scheme is designed to help anyone who may just need a little bit of help. There are over 10 active schemes running in Norfolk, and with two currently in development in Cromer and along the Poppyland belt. CAN is hoping to develop these in several market towns throughout Norfolk including Stalham. 

The schemes are community-led projects delivered by a group of local volunteers, addressing the needs of local people.  This may include helping with simple tasks such as providing lifts to GP or hospital appointments, shopping, offering support with filling out forms, doing a bit of gardening or maybe just popping over to see someone to have a chat and a cuppa.  

Tracey Allan, Community Development Officer at CAN explained “We have seen what an asset Good Neighbour Schemes have been, not just to the neighbours that need help, but to the  volunteers that are supporting them too.  By giving up just an hour a week you can make a positive impact on someone’s day that will reduce the feelings of loneliness that can have such a detrimental effect on mental wellbeing.  It can also take away the worry of having do small jobs that many of us can do without a second thought, giving people more confidence and independence.” 

She continued “The information event we are running is an opportunity for people to just come along and find out more about how they can help.  I think the important thing is that this is not a huge time commitment, and even if you lead a busy family and work life, it is a brilliant way to get involved in your local community.” 

Due to the location and timing of the event parents with children are also welcome.

To find out more please email [email protected] or call 01362 698216.