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The following information has been shared from the Jobcentre Disability Employment Adviser, please contact them directly for more information. 

Jobcentre update for organisations  

The last few months have seen some unprecedented changes to how our communities access our services, engage with our teams and manage their priorities.

As an established partner to jobcentre plus we are writing to you to let you know that your local jobcentres are still operating and committed to ensuring our mutual customers are supported, not only during this unpredictable time but also looking towards a more stable future.

You may be receiving enquiries from your service users about how to make a claim to Universal Credit, how to receive financial support whilst a 1st payment is due or any number of questions about maintaining or updating claim information. We would like to work with you to provide these customers the reassurance and answers they need.

Firstly, please be confident that safeguarding and supporting our most vulnerable and complex customer cases remains our priority with a number of support options still available. If as a lead professional or service provider you have immediate concerns about a vulnerable customer please escalate your concerns via our complex needs email address for the area in which your vulnerable customer resides :

These inboxes are monitored throughout the day and communications will be responded to quickly.

Additionally, general questions and answers can be found on our gov.uk website, which contains all the latest updates and changes and will have the most recent information available. As I am sure you can appreciate Government guidance is changing rapidly at the moment as the covid-19 response adapts, using this site will ensure that you have the most up to date information available. 

More locally we have specialist teams on hand to help with the health, mental health and wellbeing of the people using our services, should you have any questions about how we can support the wellbeing of an individual please contact your local specialist team on NORWICH.DEA@DWP.GOV.UK

I have included some useful contact details below to help signpost enquiries:

  • To make a claim to universal credit: www.gov.uk/universal-credit/howtoclaim
  • To make a claim for those without access to I.T.: 0800 3285644
  • To contact Benefit Centre (Non Universal Credit customers): 0800 1690310

Finally, I would like to offer to speak to you directly if you would like to discuss how our organisations could work collaboratively in the future to support our mutual customers. If you would like to arrange a call or meeting, please contact me on Susanne.johnson@dwp.gov.uk