'The kindness of strangers' - Coronavirus virus and the community response in Norfolk

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Amidst the real concerns, dangers and fears of the Coronavirus crisis, some wonderful stories of community support responses across Norfolk have emerged.

‘The kindness of strangers’ is the quote used by the East Sussex-based daughter of a 95-year-old resident of Lingwood, expressing thanks, via a national newspaper, to the local volunteer scheme for helping her father during the COVID-19 crisis.

CAN's well-established Good Neighbour Schemes have seen 'double-figure' numbers of volunteers joining up to help. Check here to see if there's one near you. 

Here at CAN we are actively advising new community groups on setting-up, safeguarding, insurance, risk and liability, DBS and volunteer management – and we are able to offer some of the administrative protection and sureties of our existing Good Neighbour Schemes.

You can find good advice here. Better still, if you've started a group, or know of someone who has, and you or they would like to be part of our Good Neighbour Response get in touch by emailing [email protected].