Internet that reaches the parts others cannot reach!

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A recent press article highlighted the best and the worst of rural broadband provision across Norfolk and Waveney – read all about it at https://bit.ly/2R0WtE9

It served to reinforce the fact that internet provision not only fluctuates wildly across the county but, in many locations, simply doesn’t exist at all.

Whilst commendable efforts are being made by public services to increase and accelerate the level of provision, many households and businesses are simply unable to use the internet in the way it’s intended to be used – for sending and downloading documentation, research and information needed to complete everything from strategic business plans and international sales to school and college homework.

Many broadband users have found the answer in ThinkingWISP, which is well-established, reliable, dependable and sends its signal out from its Norwich base via a series of relay transmitters across the region.

ThinkingWISP is twenty-first century technology – it simply does away with the need for cables. All that’s needed is a small receiver device on the house or work premises, with an uninterrupted ‘line of sight’ for the signal. Have a look at our 'How it works' page to find out more!

And even if you do have broadband already you might like to check that you're getting the speeds your providers claims. Speeds are often quoted as 'up to'.  With ThinkingWISP what's stated is what you get. 

Visit https://www.broadbandspeedtest.org.uk/ for a free, impartial broadband speed test.