Grantway - The new funding search portal

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Grantway is a new and exciting innovative grant searching solution that has been developed by Induct to help volunteer organisations and charities find and obtain essential funding without having to pay a penny.

Who they are:

Norweigan-based Induct has been operating since 2007 in the data mining and data analysis sector, and has been responsible for developing numerous supportive web-based software solutions for organisations around the globe, including collaborative software for the UK’s charity sector and NHS.

Induct has a passion for charities and set out to develop a comprehensive database that provides all available grants under one roof, with intuitive search features that make it possible for you to quickly find the grants that best suit your specific requirements.

The Grantway Portal

Based on their knowledge and experience of providing a national grant finding portal in Norway used by hundreds of charities and voluntary organisations over the last 15 years, Induct is now developing a state-of-the-art search facility capable of returning results from an unlimited number of local, national, and international sources for UK charities and voluntary organisations.

Although the Grantway portal currently only focuses on funding opportunities in England, grants in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will be included in the database in the very near future.

To date, more than 1300 grants have been registered, and new grants are being added to the portal on a daily basis.  Furthermore, helpful features such as “My Favourites”, “Save My Search”, and useful notifications to aid search functionality are currently in development, with others already in the pipeline.

The Grantway portal is designed to be simple and user-friendly, with a design that is easily accessible to anyone.

The portal is entirely free of charge for you to use.  Maintenance and updates are financed by advertisers that comply with the NHS ad policy.

Grantway works by allowing the user to enter relevant keywords and set specific search filters so that they can find the most appropriate grants and funding opportunities to meet their organisation’s needs.

The user can share the relevant grants that they discover with their friends and colleagues so that all relevant stakeholders can gain access to the details.

You can see the benefits of the portal yourself at first-hand as the first version of Grantway can be accessed here.  

CAN have been privileged to support the Grantway Team at Induct by offering feedback about the funding search portal.  If you have any constructive thoughts you would like us to share with Induct, please email Clare