Friday 14th February is Love West Norfolk Day!

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Friday 14th February is Love West Norfolk day! It’s an opportunity for people who love West Norfolk to shout loudly and proudly about what a great place it is to live, invest, work, play and live in.

James Bagge, the recently-announced Ambassador of Love West Norfolk says: “This is our chance to tell the world how much we all love our own West Norfolk, its history, its people, its culture. Go for it! It’s a special part of the world and one to be proud of.”

To be part of the celebrations download the resource pack here.   Love West Norfolk isn't just for one day though - the campaign is ongoing, and was created by...

  • Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk
  • College of West Anglia
  • Freebridge Community Housing
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group and
  • Community Action Norfolk


...to harness the passion and pride that people have about West Norfolk and to inspire spire people to think about all the great things the local area has to offer.  By sharing the reasons they love visiting, living in and working in west Norfolk, the camapiagn aims to create a regional, national and international marketing strategy which promotes the beautiful borough and encourage growth, investment and tourism.