Free training for frontline staff and volunteers on home energy saving advice

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Back in September CAN published a feature called  Winter + energy bills + COVID-19 constraints = potential fuel poverty crisis  explaining the perennial problem of fuel poverty that manifests itself each winter – and how the pandemic is likely to be making things worse. 

COVID-19 has already increased usage from staying at home and will continue to do so as the temperature goes down and the heating turns up. Loss of income, redundancies and short-time working are all contributing to an unprecedented energy crisis for many people - and temperatures will continue to drop as we move through Christmas and into January. 

As Covid-related restrictions continue, not least the extension of furlough, even more people will be having to stay at home and turn on their heating – if they can afford to. Now more than ever it’s important to raise awareness to vulnerable consumers of how to stay warm, how to use less energy, and how to pay less.  

Are your staff and volunteers aware of the support available? Here at CAN we ran free online training last year to help frontline staff and volunteers provide support and information where they perceive a need for support and signposting.  For those that missed those sessions we have more scheduled for January 2021. 


New sessions in January    

  • Jan 6th   (Wed)   13:00 – 14:30 
  • Jan 11th  (Mon)  10:00 – 11:30 
  • Jan 13th  (Wed)  14:00 – 13:30 
  • Jan 20th  (Wed)  13:00 – 14:30 
  • Jan 26th  (Tue)   10:00 – 11:30 


The training session will help you:   

  • explore ways to help vulnerable people save energy and money in their homes   
  • understand what support is available to them   
  • help people find the cheapest supplier   
  • know where to signpost clients to and understand what else they might need to consider   

For joining information please email [email protected].     

We can also arrange a session for staff and volunteers at a time convenient to you.   AND PLEASE NOTE: this offer is open to VCSE, public sector and private provider organisations across the Eastern region – not just Norfolk. If you are interested in booking a session for your staff or volunteers please email  [email protected] or call 01362 698216 and leave a message - we'll get back to you.    

Big Energy Saving Network   

As part of the Big Energy Saving Network initiative, we deliver training to frontline staff in VCSE organisations, public agencies, housing associations - indeed any organisation whose staff engage with vulnerable clients - to help them support those clients in improving energy efficiency and staying warm in their homes, raising awareness about the Priority Services Register, switching suppliers and generally getting better deals on their energy bills.    

Big Energy Saving Winter   

The national Big Energy Saving Winter campaign is well under way.  Its straight-to-the-point  message is that there are three easy ways to save on energy bills:  

  • Check  
  • Switch  
  • Save  

More about Big Energy Saving Network  

BESN is a community outreach project targeting vulnerable energy consumers. BESN was designed to deliver support to consumers using face-to-face contact through ‘trusted intermediaries’ such as champions, volunteers and frontline workers – those that we at CAN are delivering training to. It has achieved considerable success when measured against its core aims of reaching out to, and enabling, vulnerable individuals to make informed decisions on energy saving behaviour.