Free funding? Now that’s unexpected

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Recent times have told us to expect the unexpected, and in the current climate, what is more unexpected than free funding? 

8,000 online retailers will donate money to your voluntary organisation, charity, or CIC when your supporters shop with them. A proportion of what they spend online is shared with your organisation, at no extra cost to the shopper. It includes everyday online purchases and a couple of unexpected ways too.

Receive over £100

Over a year, just one person could raise over £100 for you by doing their weekly food shop online at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and many other supermarkets. 

Receive up to £45 

When your supporters switch their broadband, TV package, and other household bills, they could raise up to £45. 

Receive up to £60 

Booking holidays and travel can also raise up to £60, and so can renewing annual insurances like home, car, or pet.

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