Easy guide to cyber security for VCSE groups and organisations

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Cyber-attacks don’t just happen to the big banks and governments departments. They happen to individuals and small charities too. So data protection is more important than ever. CAN, in conjunction with the government’s National Cyber Security Centre, is delivering awareness training courses to the VCSE sector to help improve cyber security.

The course will help you understand the risks posed to your charity posed by potential cyber-attacks and take steps to prevent them. We’ll help you learn how to protect your community group or organisation against cyber attack by guarding against the common threats. We'll be looking at the importance of backing up your data, keeping your tablets and smartphones safe, preventing malware damage, avoiding phishing attacked and using passwords to protect your data.

The National Cyber Security Centre doesn’t only look after the government IT systems and big business. It’s also committed to supporting the charity sector in protecting against cyber-attacks.