Did you know that applying to the Big Lottery Fund is now easier?

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Community Action Norfolk are sharing this on behalf of Big Lottery, for more information please contact them directly. 

Did you know that applying to the Big Lottery Fund is now easier?

If you would like to apply for funding between £300 and £10,000 you can apply online for our Awards for All Grants. See our website for more details:-https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/funding/under10k

If you are looking for funding for over £10,000 and your project helps to:-

  • Shape the spaces and places in your local community,
  • Strengthens relationships and brings people together or
  • Enables people to work together to address issues at the earliest possible stage,

Then did you know that the Big Lottery Fund has a new way of working?

In order to make its funding more accessible than ever before, to as many community groups as possible, we no longer expect groups to fill out an application form. You can speak directly about your project to your local funding team.

It will help us to have a greater understanding of your project proposal if you could provide us, in the first instance, with the answers to the following questions:-

  • Your organisational history and track record of service delivery.
  • Who are your beneficiaries and what challenges do they face.
  • What does your project involve.
  • How have you and your beneficiaries established the need for your project.
  • How have your beneficiaries been involved in the design and potential delivery of your project.
  • Where, geographically, will your project be delivered.
  • How much funding do you need, what for and over what period of time.
  • What difference will your project make.
  • How will you measure these differences.
  • Finally, what will happen to your project at the end of the lifecycle of potential funding.

If you can answer all of these questions, then why not contact your local funding team to talk about the opportunity to apply for Big Lottery Funding for your local organisation. The team look forward to hearing from you very soon!!