Debt Prevention and Guidance

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Community Action Norfolk are sharing this information on behalf of ComVida CIC, please contact them directly with any queries.

ComVida CIC are pleased to announce that they have received an additional  £10,000 grant from the Big Lottery’s Awards for All Scheme. This money will be used to provide Debt Prevention and Guidance to people in the West Norfolk community who are most in need.

As well as giving Active Intervention guidance to people who have an immediate need. ComVida provide short prevention workshops and courses to help individuals plan and prevent debt and financial issues.

Bob Bones director says “ This money is very welcome and comes at a time when we are experiencing an increase in people who are having difficulties in handling their finances. Our prevention courses are very popular with clients seeking social housing tenancy, the training provides evidence that they have received guidance and understand the priority of paying their bills. ”


Formed in January 2015 by two ex CAB employees.  Comvida operate in Kings Lynn and West Norfolk and give free, independent and confidential guidance and assistance to people in the community on managing money. Providing a whole life cycle approach to money management using our unique PAIS approach, Providing:

  • Debt Prevention and money management sessions,
  • Active Intervention guidance on the resolution of immediate money and debt issues.
  • Plus additional help in Sustaining the position after any immediate issues are resolved.

ComVida provide the knowledge and empowerment towards long term debt free sustainability.

They are a by referral only service. If you would like to use their services please contact an existing advice service. e.g. the CAB, KLARS, or the Purfleet Trust who can refer you to them.

If you experience any difficulty in this please contact them directly and they will assist you.

For more information please visit their website www.comvida.co.uk or call Bob on 07443510303