Community venues measures to reduce single-use plastics

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An example of a single use plastic reduction agreement for community venues

Hunstanton Town Council, as part of their aim to become a single use plastic free council, will be phasing out the use of single-use plastic products in all council activities during 2020.  Part of this initiative includes drastically reducing the use of these kinds of plastic on council premises, and the council have developed a new agreement for hirers of Hunstanton Town Hall and Community Centre.

The new hire agreement asks users to stop the selling of, supply of, or handing out of single use products while using or visiting the Council’s premises.  These include single use plastic water bottles, plastic straws, plastic/polystyrene coffee/teacups, plastic/polystyrene plates or cutlery/stirrers, balloons, single-use plastic bags; including biodegradable bags and plastic sachets containing single servings of sugar, ketchup, mayo etc.

The UK Government has already confirmed a ban on plastic straws, drinks stirrers, and plastic stemmed cotton buds that will be coming into effect in England from April 2020. Hunstanton Town Council are taking the initiative further by including many single use plastic items commonly used in community buildings.

Community Action Norfolk (CAN) and Hunstanton Town Council hope that other community and voluntary organisations will be inspired to update their venue hire policies to encourage more environmentally friendly use and improve their Carbon Footprint.  The Council are happy to share their new policy with organisations as an example to support this.   To view the policy please click here

Cllr. Amanda Knight, chair of the Environment Panel said,

“The council already works in partnership with projects such as Refill to help reduce single-use plastic within the town. As a council we have a commitment to the environment and our policies need to reflect this.”

Other initiatives being used in Hunstanton include reducing cigarette litter by installing a “Ballot Voting Bin” and providing a range of environmentally friendly products at their Tourist Information Centre.