Buy your heating oil from ThinkingFuel – with prices at a 4-year low!

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Now’s the time to buy your heating oil.  Prices are at a four-year low and you can get a really good price from CAN's community oil buying scheme ThinkingFuel at www.thinkingfuel.org.uk 

Warren Buffet is said to be the fourth richest person in the world and acknowledged as an exceptionally shrewd investor. He is also noted for his humility and philanthropy and is quoted recently as saying: ‘If you’re a shareholder in any oil-producing company, you join me in having made a mistake’.

For the rest of us, tumbling oil prices are a boon, whether we buy petrol or heating oil.  But given that consumers usually fill up their heating oil tanks with considerably more oil than the average car fuel tank can accommodate, the price is hugely significant.

Right now, oil prices are at an historic low. Indeed, the price of crude oil has dropped below zero. Airlines are not flying their aircraft. The roads are, if not empty, certainly far less congested. Factories are closed. It won’t last however, and American oil producers’ news websites are already talking of price recovery.

Why buy heating oil now?

Thousands of heating oil consumers across Norfolk buy their oil from CAN’s community oil buying scheme, ThinkingFuel, where they know they will get an honest, competitive price and reliable service. Find out more at www.thinkingfuel.org.uk  Buying oil from ThinkingFuel also helps us support community projects and voluntary activities across Norfolk – something that is exceptionally appreciated in these difficult times when charities and voluntary groups are doing their very best to help vulnerable people.

There is another factor. During the present lockdown, many householders are at home throughout the day – and are using more energy. For heating oil users this can be significant; According to UK financial advice website This Is Money, a three-bedroom house will spend average of £775 on heating oil every year, and any increase could be costly, even if only temporary.

So, three good reasons to buy from ThinkingFuel right now:

  • Oil prices are at an historic low at a time when many of us are using more energy
  • We provide a consistently value-for-money, reliable and trustworthy service
  • You’ll be helping support voluntary and community groups across Norfolk now, and in the future.                                                                                                                                                   

At ThinkingFuel we can also supply bottled gas, bulk gas, fuel additives and fuel cards at competitive prices.  We’re still fully operational during the COVID-19 crisis and staff are on hand to take help, advise and take your orders for heating oil. Demand for heating oil has, understandably, increased but our buyers work very closely with the supply chain to keep the oil coming.  

We do of course try to prioritise the very vulnerable in urgent need, not just now but always. Please contact us if this should be the case for you or someone you know.  And if you know of a neighbour or local resident who would benefit from the reliability and pricing that ThinkingFuel can offer, do please tell them about ThinkingFuel or suggest they visit www.thinkingfuel.org.uk for more information.