Breckland announces new empty home strategy

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Breckland Council has announced a new Empty Homes support programme to help bring long-term resdiential properties  back into use.

The Council will be offering grants to homeowners in need of help to make their empty property habitable, in return for making it available to house people from the housing register. Officers will also be revisiting homeowners who have previously failed to co-operate in bringing their properties up to habitable standards. Find out more here

The problem of long-term empty homes affects the whole of the UK, with empty properties often attracting anti-social behaviour and crime as well as social issues and urban decay. Almost 4,000 homes stand empty across Norfolk and each of the seven district councils have strategies to address the problem, making strenuous efforts to bring properties back into residential use.. 

And it is a complex problem. There are issues of year-round unoccupied holiday homes, poorly maintained and dereleict properties owned by difficult-to-trace absentee individuals or companies, and properties that simply stand empty as speculative assets. Some pundits even claim the much vaunted housing shortage is a myth when demand is compared to the actual number of empty properties in many regions.