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Report: Norfolk Community Foundation’s Our Impact 2017

Norfolk Community Foundation have published their report demonstrating the impact of their grant making in 2017.

CQC State of Care Report

The CQC (Care Quality Commission)’s annual State of Care assessment looks at trends in care, shares examples of good care and highlights areas for improvements.  

Autism Services in Norfolk

Healthwatch Norfolk has published a report into Autism services in Norfolk.

Civil Society Strategy Published

The government’s Civil Society Strategy sets out the long-term strategy for how the government will work with and for civil society.

Report: CQC State of Care in Urgent Primary Care Centres

The CQC (Care Quality Commission) has published their report into their findings of the state of care in urgent primary care centres.  

Voluntary and community organisations and personalised healthcare

Voluntary Voices partnership’s report, “IPC and Personal Health Budget Support and Development Programme: Learning and Next Steps” explores the delivery of Personal Health Budgets

Resource: Unlocking the Digital Potential of Rural Areas Report

Rural England have published their report on how rural businesses use digital technologies, the benefits of it, challenges to using digital technology and the potential impact if the challenges were resolved.

Care Quality Commission Reports - Young people's mental health and Care in Independent Acute Hospitals

The Care Quality Commission has released the following reports: 

  • The State of Care in Independent Acute Hospitals.   
  • “Are we listening?” Review of Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services.    

Resource: Public Health England Information

The following free online resources are available through Public Health England

Devolution Annual Report Published

An Annual Report on the Devolution Agreements has been published by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. 


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