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Tudor Trust Funding - Rolling Deadlines

Grants are available to voluntary and community organisations that work directly with people who are on the edges of mainstream society, and encourage inclusion, integration and independence.

European Social Fund Support in New Anglia LEP Area

The New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership has been notionally allocated around £35m of European Social Fund money to spend in Norfolk and Suffolk on projects which will enhance the employability of unemployed people, inspire and deliver social inclusion and upskill those in work to enable them to advance their careers.

The Community Pub Business Support Programme - Applications Welcomed

The Community Pub Business Support Programme aims to support communities that are looking to take responsibility for their local pub in order to diversify for community benefit.

Transform Foundation’s Website Grant - Applications Welcome

Not-for-profit organisations with an income of between £500,000 - £20million are able to apply for the entire upfront costs (up to £18,000) of building a new website.

NCVO Report on Financial Trends of Small and Medium-Sized Charities

NCVO have published a report "Navigating Change: An Analysis of Financial Trends for Small and Medium-Sized Charities".

Care and Wellbeing Fund for social enterprises - No deadlines

The Care and Wellbeing fund invests in social enterprises providing community based integrated health and social care services, wellbeing and prevention work. 

The Friends of the Elderly - Support for older people

The Friends of the Elderly provide financial support to those most in need through their grant giving service, in order to help prevent many older people having to choice between heating their homes and other essentials. 

Understanding Devolution in Norfolk

The 'East Anglia' Devolution Agreement was published by the treasury in March 2016 and signed by 22 of the 23 council leaders in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. It outlines how the new combined authority will work and the powers of the new directly elected mayor.

It can be viewed by clicking here 

In the press people will have read that there is still a lot of discussion and uncertainty with regard to how devolution will work and the relationships between the different areas.

The assumed roadmap is that:

  • Consultation and discussions will take place up to the end of June
  • Final plans will be agreed by local authorities to allow a formal period of consultation from July
  • Following this any secondary legislation would be agreed and a formal announcement following the consultation and any changes as a result would take place probably as part of the Autumn statement (nov)
  • There will be with the intention a new major and arrangement are in place in May 2017


NAVCA and Locality have published Devolution for People and Communities, a paper outlining a set of key principles which should underpin devolution form a VCSE perspective.

Key principles of devolution:

1. Creating a social economy.

2. Representation of the voluntary and community sector within new leadership structures.

3. Ensuring accountability through effective community engagement.

4. Decisions taken at the most local level appropriate.

5. Working with local organisations to transform public services.

You can read the full paper here


Devolution is an opportunity for Norfolk, Cambridgshire and Suffolk to have more control over its funding and local decision making, including areas such as:

All Norfolk and Suffolk Councils and the New Anglia LEP are involved in the Government discussions concerning devolution.  CAN are currently exploring with partners locally the best way to ensure Norfolk’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector is informed and engaged with the devolution process.  

  • Transport
  • Housing development
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic development

The Norfolk County Council Contract Register

Norfolk County Council have published their contract register, which lists the council’s contracts, purchase orders and grants (including grants to the voluntary sector).


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