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Boredom - lack of provision for young people

...drugs and alcohol, anti-social behaviour, not being valued in their community

Older people, loneliness and social isolation

...including lack of support to access local community facilities, to have a meaningful part in the community 

Volunteers mainly retired or close to retirement

Volunteers - mainly retired or close to. In a total of approx 30 volunteers only 4 are below 40. 

Young people issues - pressure and expectations

...from parents and the community and education to achieve with limited support or recognition of their needs. 

Young people issues - lack of youth provision

Young people issue - lack of youth provision. No venue for young people to meet in, no opportunity to be listened to, to have a meaningful role in the community. Results in boredom and anti-social behaviour

Young people issues - boredom

Young people issues - boredom - often results in use/abuse of drugs, alcohol


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