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Norfolk and Waveney Sustainable Transformation Partnership (STP) Update

The following information is about the Sustainable Transformation Partnership (STP) work in Norfolk and Waveney.

Funding: Garfield Weston Trust - No deadline

Grants of less than £100,000 are available for projects that fall into one of the following categories

Funding: Barclays Green Trade Loans - No deadline.

Green Trade Loans of over £250,000 are available ot provide working capital for businesses working with clean technology or sustainability projects.

Calling all community buildings: Two heaters for sale

Wereham Village Hall need to sell two heaters from their old village hall and return the proceeds to the Norfolk Community Foundation.

Resource: Benefit Mythbuster - fact - checking myths and misconceptions about universal credit

Benefit Mythbuster is an online web tool designed to help address commonly held myths and misconceptions about universal credit.

Resource: NHS England Volunteers

Organisations are being invited to promote their volunteering opportunities to NHS England staff, who can take up to five days of paid leave per year to volunteer.

Resource: Help for people with learning difficulties (North Norfolk)

Residents in North Norfolk who find “red” council tax letters threatening, and are, as a result, likely to ignore them, can contact the District Council to be added to a list to be called ahead of time to let them know that they will soon be receiving a letter.

Join Our Team! Locality Manager Role - Deadline: 27th Sept

We are seeking to appoint a Locality Manager to lead our work in the Breckland & West Norfolk areas

Resource: Guidance for working with bereaved families and carers

Guidance has been published for NHS Trusts and services commissioned by the NHS on how they should support and engage with families and carers of people who have died in their care.

Norfolk County Council Leader’s Priorities

Norfolk County Council’s Leader, Andrew Proctor, has outlined his priorities after an appearance on Radio Norfolk. 


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