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Funding: DM Thomas Foundation for Young People - Deadline: 24th July

Grants are available to registered charities who help disadvantaged children and young people

Consultation: The National Audit of Dementia (Care in General Hospitals)

If you are visiting someone with dementia in hospital between 4th June and 21st September, please complete this survey. 

Road Signs for Events - Information for Organisers

If you are holding an event and would like to put up road signs you need to seek permission from the Highway Authority. 

Funding: Remembrance Day Soldier Silhouette Grants - Deadline: 30th June

Grants of up to £500 are available for local community events that remember the end of the First World War and think about the Armed Forces Community 

Funding: Stop Loan Sharks Community Fund - Deadline: 30th June

Grants of £5,000 are available 

Funding: Community Transport Fund (North Norfolk) - Deadline: 29th June

Organisations in North Norfolk wishing to set up a community transport scheme that supports the vulnerable, disadvantaged and isolated residents in North Norfolk. 

Funding: Public Service Mutual Funding - Deadline: 29th June

Funding is available for organisations that are / intend to be / fulfil the role of a public service mutual.

Funding: Wellcome Charitable Foundation Public Engagement Fund - Deadline: 28th June

Grants of £25,000 - £250,000 for up to three years are available

Funding: Smart Energy GB in Communities - Deadline: 25th June

Grants of up to £7,500 are available

Funding: Biffa Award Rebuilding Biodiversity Grants (Specific Locations) - Deadline: 15th July

Grants of £10,000 - £75,000 are available for groups operating near a Biffa site to improve biodiversity so it can adapt to threats such as climate change.


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