ThinkingWISP - wireless broadband that reaches where others cannot!

Three ways that ThinkingWISP can help you.

1. Quality  Not all broadband is created equal and you get what you pay for. Providers often hide behind large download speed numbers but constantly under-perform. The main reason is contention - the number of people you share your bandwidth with. You might 100mb/s speed but shared with 100 people that’s just 1mb each!  We guarantee 75% of the advertised speed even at peak times.

2) Save money - We are wireless, so you don’t need a land line. That’s a saving of £215 a year (BT £17.99 a month line rental price correct Dec ’15). An increasing number of people are ‘cord cutting’, using mobiles instead of landlines or internet phone systems like Skype. Why not do the same and save money whilst still getting the benefit of a fast high quality broadband service. 

3) 21st Century technology - Unless you live in cable area, or have a very expense fibre-to-the-premises connection, the technology that connects you to the internet is still copper cables dating back to 1877. This was fine for crackly voice calls but just isn’t fit for purpose when it comes to the information super-highway. As we are wireless we don’t face the restrictions of this archaic technology and can provide you with fast local broadband in places when other simply can’t. Visit www.thinkingwisp.co.uk/our-area/ or call 01603 558001 for more details.