ThinkingFuel- Oil Buying

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Heating oil is an unregulated commodity. Unlike mains gas and electricity, there are no rules and regulations or price controls. Oil has seen dramatic price fluctuations in recent times - and you can’t easily buy it in small helpings just when you need it.

So how can you shop around for a really good deal on heating oil? The answer is to join a bulk-buying scheme – and there’s one that already operates right across Norfolk.  ThinkingFuel, a partnership between Community Action Norfolk and AF Affinity, Anglia Farmers’ bulk buying group, already has more than 3,000 members.

The idea is that everyone in the scheme gets a really low price on their oil because it’s negotiated by a single expert supplier, who buys in bulk, and then passes on the savings to the members. Everyone pays the same price regardless of how much they order.

It works like this. You can join as a community group or an individual. You have to register to be part of the scheme and we are currently offering FREE LIFETIME individual membership (Normally membership costs £20 a year or £60 for lifetime membership). The bulk ordering takes place on two set days each month to maximise savings. That’s when you get the best deal, but you can order oil on any working day of the month and still get a competitive price – but those two important days give the best price. The dates for 2019 can be found by clicking here.

ThinkingFuel is increasingly popular because it’s accessible, flexible and there really is no commitment to buy.  The big plus is that, because everyone’s buying from the same supplier, they get a very competitive price. 

If you have a special delivery requirement, such as needing long hose or a smaller tanker for access to your property, that can usually be accommodated. You just need to explain that when ordering. For details of the tankers, please click here

ThinkingFuel members can also benefit from discounts and offers on other products, from TVs and refrigerators to stationery and domestic products, through the associated community buying scheme, ThinkingValue.

Comparing prices for oil is very difficult due to wide fluctuations in price between days, quantities ordered, locations and delivery times and that’s why it pays to be part of a bulk buying scheme. While we can’t guarantee to be the cheapest, we do aim to offer consistently good value, and we compare our prices to the Department of Energy and Climate Change market price official figures.

The Community Action Norfolk team is able to attend public meetings to explain the scheme further if required. For more detailed information please see the leaflet below, call Community Action Norfolk on 01362 698216 or e-mail [email protected]rfolk.org.uk

If you are new to oil heating, click here to see some FAQs.

Register for ThinkingFuel Now!

Take advantage of our current offer of FREE LIFETIME individual membership. 

To register, please complete the form below.  The completed forms are collated and submitted to AF Affinity every Friday.  You will receive an email from us to confirming your registration to the scheme after these have been submitted to AF Affinity.  You will then be able to place your orders by calling 01603 881888.  

Direct Debit will be treated as the default payment method. On registering, AF Affinity will send you a Direct Debit Mandate, for you to complete. All payments will be drawn for the invoiced amount by Direct Debit on, or shortly after, the 24th of the month following your order. An invoice and a statement will also be emailed to you. If a Direct Debit Mandate has not been completed in time for your first order you can pay at the time of order by debit or credit card. Pre-payment options to help spread the cost are also available by arrangement with AF Affinity.
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