Shaping a Care Association for Norfolk: Initial Survey Findings

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Community Action Norfolk are sharing this on behalf of the Norfolk Care Association Project Lead, Please contact them directly with any queries.

Initial findings from the on-line survey – your responses

The Consultation to shape a Care Association for Norfolk is entering its final stages. 

Since July 2018, the provider-led Executive Steering Group have overseen a consultation process which with 3 key elements: 

  • Desktop research into how other Care Associations work;
  • A series of consultation workshops held across Norfolk in October 2018;
  • An on-line survey seeking social care provider views on the purpose, benefit and structure of a Care Association which ran from 17th December 2018 to 8th February 2019.

The consultation was designed in partnership with University of East Anglia and the University of Suffolk and has been facilitated by Market Connectors who are all working in the social care sector.  The Project Lead is Dr Fiona Denny and the Executive Steering Group members represent the following organisations:

  • Association Representing Mental health Care (ARMC)
  • Community Action Norfolk (CAN)
  • Norfolk and Suffolk Care Support Ltd (N&SCS)
  • Norfolk County Council (NCC)
  • Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust (NCH&C)
  • Norfolk Continuing Care Partnership (NCCP)
  • Norfolk Independent Care (NIC)
  • Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership
  • Voluntary Norfolk

A Summary of Findings following initial analysis of the on-line survey results is given below.  More detailed information and data can be found on our website. (www.norfolkcareassociationconsultation.com/consultation)

We would welcome your views, comments and observations.  Please send them to Fiona Denny at [email protected]

Our University partners are continuing to review data from all three strands of the research and will be presenting their final report at the next meeting of the Executive Steering Group on Monday 17th April 2019 where decisions on purpose, priority and structure will be made.

In order to be considered as part of the finalisation of the report, your feedback should arrive by close of play Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

Summary of findings:  on-line survey

Based on an initial analysis of the on-line survey which was completed between 17th December 2018 and 8th February 2019 by 154 participants across the care sector, the following points are made.

  • There is positive support for the formation of a Care Association for Norfolk
  • The most popular name for the new Care Association was Norfolk Care Association
  • The values underpinning the new Care Association should be:
  1. Transparency
  2. Independence
  3. Inclusivity
  4. Collaboration
  • The priorities for the new Care Association should be:
  1. Advice/Signposting/Support/Advocacy
  2. Representing the social care sector at local and national fora and in the negotiation of fees with health and social care commissioners
  3. Facilitation of peer support networks
  4. Helping promote social care businesses
  • There is no clearly preferred organisational, membership or fee model.  Whichever model is chosen, it should deliver against the values.
  • There are a range of views over core funding of the new Care Association.  However, 53.1% of survey participants agreed or strongly agreed that the Care Association should accept core funding from health and social care commissioners.  18.8% disagreed or strongly disagreed.
  • Survey participants prefer face to face communication over social media.  They prefer to meet/network in service provider groups rather than customer groups.