Population Health Management

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Population Health Management will be a core part of the NHS’s approach to health systems as part of the NHS's longterm plan and the local approach to developing an integrated care system (ICS). 

"The systems and processes required to achieve the greatest improvements in health, reductions in health inequalities and relief of suffering for a defined population from the resources available through:

  • a)The efficient and effective delivery of care in response to individuals presenting to and asking for help from the health and care system
  • b) identification of individuals and offer of intervention to those currently not in receipt of interventions that evidence suggests are likely to improve their health and wellbeing, reduce the risk of future ill-health, and/or reduce costs to both the health system and the wider community.
  • c) provision of support for individuals and communities and the use of local assets to protect and promote health through:
  1. -promoting individual knowledge, behaviours and attitudes that promote health
  2. -supporting the development of strong social networks
  3. creating a health sustaining physical environment"

 Source: Hicks NR, Groene O:  OptiMedis-COBIC UK 2018

Much of the longterm approach will focus on health management at three geographical levels; place, system and neighbourhood.  It will be increasingly important for the voluntary sector to understand how their work fits in within these structures.  The presentation below provides more details about how this works.