Meet the Communication's Team: Meet John, Marketing Officer

A chance for you to meet our Communications Team, and put faces to names.

Meet John,

John is our Marketing Officer and has worked for us for just over a year.  He is often out and about at events where you may have seen him raising awareness of projects and services.

John’s recent work includes:

  • Developing Community Heroes – The public facing side is up and running here and John is developing a suite of functions for the VCSE sector.  Watch this space!
  • Our Thinking Fuel scheme, which is helping people to buy consistently low priced heating oil.  
  • Working with Anglian Water to carry out public delivery outreach work.  
  • Delivering energy saving presentations.   If your group works with people who might be affected by fuel poverty, we can help.  Contact John for more information.
  • Increasing our range of utilities products such as ThinkingWisp

Some fun facts about John:

  • Last year, John was Father Christmas at the Norwich Aircraft Museum, in a nimrod plane.
  • He has started a baton twirling team in Norfolk!
  • He once dressed up as Winnie the Pooh to celebrate a friends shop opening
  • John has cycled the British Hearth Foundation’s London to Brighton and back, two years on the trot
  • During a serious finance presentation, he broke into 'The Mask of Zorro' on stage with capes and real swords (as the fakes did not arrive in time) in front of several hundred people