Early Bird Prices - Book your place at Norfolk’s VCSE Conference 2019

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BOOK YOUR PLACE AT Norfolk’s VCSE Conference 2019

Join us on 13th November to find out the key trends that are, or will be, impacting VCSE organisations.

This year the theme is  ‘Managing Change: Supporting your organisation to adapt and respond’ and will use a mix of keynote speeches and practical workshops to discuss changes that are, or will be, impacting VCSE organisations including;

  • The main factors and trends that are, or will be, impacting organisations across the VCSE sector.
  • The challenges and opportunities of an increasingly digital society.
  • The importance and role of partnership and leadership in tackling key issues within society.

Building on last year’s feedback the workshops, some of which facilitated by national organisations such as The Trussell Trust, will explore in further detail the issues raised by keynote speakers at a local level and in terms of your own organisations.

The Conference takes place on Wednesday 13th November 2019 at The Space, Roundtree Way, Norwich, NR7 8SG and is organised by Norfolk’s three infrastructure organisations – Community Action Norfolk, Voluntary Norfolk and Momentum, under our “Working Together” banner.  It aims to bring together representatives from VCSE organisations to provide inspiration, provoke thought, consider issues from both a national and local perspective and give delegates practical tools to use within their organisations.


  • Karl Wilding - Chief Executive of NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations)
  • Vicky Browning - Chief Executive of ACEVO (Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations)
  • The Trussell Trust

More speakers and workshop facilitators will be announced via our newsletter and social media channels. 

  • Date: Wednesday 13th November 2019
  • Time: 10:00 to 16:00
  • Venue: The Space, Roundtree Way, Norwich, NR7 8SG

EARLY BIRD PRICES - For bookings received before 1st October 2019

Members of Community Action Norfolk (CAN), Momentum (Norfolk), Voluntary Norfolk or Voluntary Sector Forum (Children, Young People and Families):

  • First place  = £10
  • Additional places = £15 per place
  • Other VCSE organisations (non-members) = £20 per place
  • Non VCSE organisations = £50 per place

After 1st October prices will increase by £10 per place for all bookings.


To book your place click here for a booking form.  Email your completed booking form to [email protected]

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